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"Cook Simple Taste Wonderful"
We use fresh and safe foods to make you feel more connected to our producers and to serve dishes that bring out the best of the ingredients by cooking them simply.

It is important for us to respect our patrons. We do not use food additives. We only use organic foods.



Lunch Time

"These menus are only on week days."

Organic Salad Bar

 "Make my Salad"
At the Organic Salad Bar, you can make your own original salad.
You just choose your favorites that range from around 30 kinds of toppings presented in a showcase.
There are various toppings, such as dried fruits, fish, meat, nuts, seaweed, pears and basic vegetables as well as great nutritious super foods

Organic Salad Barでは、自分だけのオリジナル・マイサラダを作れます。

●「My Salad w/ SOUP & BREAD」¥1,000
GREEN BASE +6 kinds of toppings , Today’s SOUP and BREAD

 "Recommend Salad w/ SOUP & BREAD"
Aside from making your own “my salad," there are also signature LAPAZ salads.
For example, the “Vegan Salad” contains only vegetables and the “Hungry salad” (which could satisfy the stomach of a man) as well as the “Balanced salad” is well-balanced salads that include meat, vegetables, and fruits. We recommend these various salads to those who are first-time visitors at “LAPAZ.”

ヴィーガンも満足の「Vegan salad」, 男性でも満足できる「Hungry salad」, 肉、野菜、フルーツをバランス良く取り入れた「Balanced salad」、選ぶのが苦手な方や、初めての方には特にオススメです。
すべてのサラダには、Today's SOUPとBREADがセットになっています。

●Left:「Vegan salad」¥1,000
Kale,Salad spinach,Seaweed,mushrooms,White kidney beans,arugula,turnip of grill

●Center:「Hungry salad」¥1,300:
lettuce,Green Carl,Torebisu,Purekoche,mushrooms,Mozzarella cheese,Homemade roast beef,Chicken breast meat grill,Homemade bacon grill,Crouton,Fusilli,Homemade onion fly

●Right:「Beauty salad」¥1,500:
lettuce,Green Carl,Torebisu,Purekoche,pumpkin,purple carrots,red core radish,radish,Pink grapefruit,Apple,Boyle of angel shrimp,Grilled swordfish,Pink pepper,Sicilian pistachio
Above prices could be up or down that depends on prime cost.

 "Soy Meet Bowl ( Brown rice )"
Quickly fried, crunchy vegetables and soybeans placed on brown rice with many different vegetables topped with a homemade tofu dressing.
This dish is very healthy and satisfying. We recommend this dish to everyone.


「Soy Meet Bowl ( Brown rice ) ¥1,000

 "Deli plate"
A homemade dish that changes from day to day.
A set meal that changes based on the day and what we recommend at the time. This dish requires a long time to prepare due to the importance of being sure to bring out the taste of it's organic roots.
Seasonal soup and 3 kinds of deli plates + brown rice or baguette- perfect if you want to get creative with a Japanese meal.

その日のオススメ食材で作る自家製デリは、食材本来のうまみをしっかりと引き出すため。時間をかけて調理します。 使用する調味料は、全て無添加。

「Today's Deli plate」¥1,100

Take away & Delivery

 "Organic Table is Everywhere"
If you would like to have your meal at the office, park or anywhere you want, please tell us.

Salad Lunch Box
Same price as inside. SET SOUP \200
※Delivery is preparatory period now.


イートインと同価格でご利用いただけます。SET SOUP¥200

Package : Made from 100% recycled paper